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OpenVox - A400M - Mini PCI Card

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The Openvox A400M is a 4-port analog card with mini-PCI, can be used for connecting analog telephones and analog POTS lines through a PC. It’s designed to work with lower power system. It supports combinations of FXS and/or FXO modules for a total of 4 lines.
The A400M supports up to a total of 4 FXO and/or FXS connections with FXO-100 and/or FXS-100 modules.
The FXO-100 (FXO) module allows the A400M card to terminate analog telephone lines (POTS). The FXS-100 (FXS) module allows the A400M card to terminate analog telephones.
You can also add FXO-100 or FXS-100 modules to use with this product according to your requirements below.

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Rp 2.712.600,00

A400P11 (1-FXS + 1 FXO modules)

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Product Overview

OpenVox A400M can be used for connecting analog telephones and analog POTS lines through a PC. It’s designed to work with lower power system. It supports combinations of FXS and/or FXO modules for a total of 4 lines.

OpenVox A400M delivers great voice quality in the telephony systems. With interchangeable FXS/FXO modules, it can eliminate the requirement for separate channel banks or access gateways.

The A400M consists of two parts: the A400MM and the A400MS. The A400MM connects Mini PCI slot while the A400MS installs FXS/FXO modules. The A400MS contains 4 module banks. Each bank supports one analog interface. The module banks may be filled with up to 4 FXO or FXS modules enabling the creation of any combination of ports. Scaling of an analog card solution is accomplished by simply adding additional cards.

A400M works with Asterisk®, Askozia®, Elastix®, FreeSWITCH, PBX in a Flash, trixbox®, Yate and IPPBX/IVR projects as well as other Open Source and proprietary PBX, Switch, IVR, and VoIP gateway applications.

OpenVox A400P is designed to be fully compatible with the TDM400P Asterisk Analog Telephony card.

Key Features and benefits:


  • Support mini PCI type III
  • Designed for low-power systems
  • Support AskoziaPBX system
  • Support VIA, PC Engines motherboard and AMD geode based motherboard
  • Support trixbox, Elastix and other asterisk based distributions
  • Easy to use: Full GPL license driver- Zaptel
  • World Wide Usable: Configurable line interface to meet global telephone line interface requirements
  • Modular design: Can upgrade at any time by adding extra FXO or FXS modules up to a total of 4 per card.
  • Excellent value: High quality at a low price.
  • Application ready: Use Asterisk to build your IP-PBX system.
  • Caller ID and Call Waiting Caller ID
  • ADSI Telephones
  • Loopstart Signaling Support
  • Industry 1st Mini PCI analog Card
  • Up to 4 Simultaneous PSTN Calls (Per PCI Slot)
  • Interchangeable FXS and FXO modules
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Certificates: CE, FCC

Target Applications

  • Channel Bank Replacement / Alternative
  • Small Office Home Office (SOHO) applications
  • Small and Medium Business (SMB) applications
  • Gateway Termination to analog telephones/lines

Technical Specifications

  • Up to 4 ports through a combination of FXS and FXO modules
  • 4 RJ-11 interfaces on a single PCI bracket
  • Mini PCI type III,
  • Firmware accelerate I/O access to achieve high stability
  • Designed for low-power systems
  • Power: 1.8W Minimum, 11.6W Maximum
  • Operation temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • Dimensions: 
    A400MM: 59.6mm*44.6mm*10mm
    A400MS: 11.2cm*11.3cm*1.3cm
  • Weight: 
    A400MM: 14g
    A400MS: 64g

Operating Systems

  • Linux (all versions, releases and distributions from 1.0 up)

Minimum Hardware Requirement

  • 200-Mhz CPU
  • 32MB RAM
  • Available Mini PCI Slot


  • RoHS Compliant
  • Certificates: FCC, CE and LVD

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